Coronavirus (COVID19) Policy

It's easy to be concerned and confused, but we want to reassure you that we are keeping a close eye on information from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority, and will update you as needed.

Due to this public health emergency, we are changing nearly all in-person visits to telemedicine visits that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. 


For visits that do require physical exams, we do have availability at both Salem & Portland offices. 

We will be following public health guidelines by:

  1.  Contacting you prior to your visit to ensure you do not have symptoms of COVID19 or that you have recently been exposed to someone known to have COVID19

  2. Ask you to wear a mask to your visits

  3. To not bring any additional people to your visit (except for caregivers)

  4. If you are experiencing any acute upper respiratory symptoms or fever, to please contact Salem Health Urgent Care or ZoomCare for in-person visits.

Our #1 goal continues to be minimizing exposure and reducing the transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID19). 

Please refer to the CDC website for updates regarding the Coronavirus, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.